777 Pacific Boulevard


The proposal by the BC Pavilion Corporation to develop the land at 777 Pacific Boulevard was rejected by Vancouver City Council but the experience raised a number of questions.

Is this the best use of our common resources?
Is the Paragon Casino development the best use of our provincially owned land located at 777 Pacific Boulevard? Is there a better use for this community space? What other possibilities are there for the future of our resource at 777 Pacific Boulevard?

Does the community have an opportunity to participate?
Do we have the systems required to give our community the chance to contribute to the decision making process about the use of our commonly owned resources?

Do our leaders have the information they need to represent our interests?
Do we have adequate processes in place to communicate our interests and ideas to our elected and appointed representatives?

Do we have the systems we need as a community of interests to explore our interests, what we know, our ideas, and our choices.
How does our community think and feel about the idea and why? What other choices do we see?