Vancouver Foundation

Making Positive Lasting Impacts in Communities
across British Columbia

For 60 years, the Vancouver Foundation has been a philanthropic leader, supporting people and communities throughout BC. We have developed knowledge of the many issues affecting our city and surrounding region. The Foundation has created Vancouver’s Vital Signs to share this knowledge with decision-makers, communities and the many organizations and citizens who work hard to make this city a better place to live.

The inaugural Vital Signs is a snapshot of the City’s and Region’s wellness and livability. Vancouver joins Toronto, Victoria, Ottawa and Montréal as part of a national Vital Signs initiative supported by Community Foundations of Canada.

The online version of Vancouver’s Vital Signs provides comprehensive data, source information, and links on indicators of the city’s livability and wellness in twelve key areas. Our citizen panel of nearly 200 individuals with deep knowledge of Vancouver issues, provided Citizen Grades and Priorities in each key area. A summarized version of Vancouver’s Vital Signs is also available as a printed report.
We hope Vancouver’s Vital Signs will spark dialogue, discussion and debate among people who care about civic issues and want to act upon them.
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Vancouver’s Vital Signs November 2006 – PDF