Aboriginal Mother Centre

The Aboriginal Mother Centre, dedicated to moving mothers and children at risk off the streets provides, under one roof, all the support, tools and resources a mother needs to rebuild her health, self esteem
and skills to regain and retain her child. The centre, grounded in a grass roots setting, creates a healing community to nurture children and families to become vital members of their communities.

Aboriginal Mother Centre

The AMCS provides a safe, child-friendly setting where Aboriginal women (with or without children) can gather. Emphasis is on cooperation, volunteering, self-help, and grassroots community development.We offer free counseling and a 12-week traditional parenting skills program. And a meal program provides lunch and dinner to women and their children at no cost (lunch is at 12 noon and dinner is at 4 pm, Monday to Friday). We also offer donated clothing, household goods, and toys.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre of Vancouver, a non-profit society incorporated in 2002, was born from British Columbia’s oldest provincial women’s organization, the Indian Homemakers’ Association of BC. The Aboriginal Mother Centre of Vancouver, under the auspice of the Indian Homemakers Association has delivered a number of successful client-centred projects with a strong rate of community volunteerism over the past two years. The Aboriginal Mother Centre of Vancouver currently offers an Elder’s activity centre, a community kitchen, and a small business development program.

The primary goal of the Aboriginal Mother Centre is to supply a continuum of programs and services to Aboriginal women and their children. The Aboriginal Mother Centre of Vancouver is an adaptation of the Mother Centre model founded in Germany in 1989. This Mother Centre model is highly effective with high-risk mothers in several countries in Europe, the Middle East and in the United States. The model has proven to be easily adaptable to a variety of cultures and the Aboriginal Mother Centre of Vancouver has demonstrated success adapting to the unique needs of the Aboriginal community. The Mother Centre model is based on a grassroots, community approach to building capacity and empowering mothers to become self-sufficient.

Mother Centres are places where women organize in a non-hierarchical setting. Women work cooperatively and voluntarily on community development. Mother Centres are unique because of this grassroots, self-help approach. Mother Centres break through the poverty and isolation most young parents experience when they stay at home to raise their children. Typical Mother Centres are centred on a drop-in service for mothers where childminding is provided. Activities of a Mother Centre are geared towards helping low-income families reduce their expenses. Examples of services in a typical Mother Centre are second-hand shops, hot meals, hair cutting, parenting skills, advocacy, business and employment skills.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre of Vancouver recognized the need to modify this innovative concept for the Aboriginal community. Young, single Aboriginal mothers are especially marginalized and are the poorest group in Canada. Over 45% of Aboriginal children live in single parent families in British Columbia’s urban centres, more than twice the rate of the general population. Aboriginal families are younger and larger with teen births often thirteen (13) times higher than the mainstream population in British Columbia. These young mothers are at a high risk of being involved in family violence, substance abuse, the sex trade, and long term welfare dependency. The Aboriginal Mother Centre proposes to offer programs and services that address multiple facets of a young mother’s life.

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