Under One Roof – Project Information Sheet

Project Information Sheet

A Cooperative Enterprise: Builders Without Borders, the Lu’ma Native Housing Society, and the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society

Young native mothers dealing with poverty and substance abuse need four things to regain their footing, – healing, housing, gainful work, and a supportive community. When one piece is missing, the investment in the other pieces usually fails to make a lasting difference. AMCS currently provides three of these needs. The one vital piece missing is shelter. By combining these resources under one roof, real changes can be possible in even the most severely dysfunctional families.

This “Under one Roof” concept is to renovate a 28,000 Sq ft building at 2019 Dundas Street in Vancouver to create a self sustaining community enterprise. The enterprise will provide twelve residential shelter units and a lounge for mothers and children on the third floor. On the second floor the renovation will include a day care centre for 25 children, a commercial kitchen, a dining facility, offices and meeting rooms for education and counseling. On the ground floor street front commercial space will be upgraded leased to tenants to provide income for the Aboriginal Mother Centre as well as some space will be retained for aboriginal cooperative business enterprises that will provide work and generate further income for the centre.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society, a non-profit society founded in 2002, www.amcs.ca. and provides AMCS provides a continuum of accessible and integrated services specifically designed for Aboriginal women, their children and families in the Metro Vancouver area. AMCS currently offers programs and services at 2019 Dundas Street including the following free services: daytime drop-in, outreach, 2,000 meals a month, emergency food hampers, public living room, healing & counseling, donations, phone & computer services, peer support, and children’s activities.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre is modeled on an integrated community approach to give mothers what they need to become independent and self sufficient. The women organize in a non-hierarchical setting using a culturally appropriate holistic approach that enables them to cut beneath symptoms into the underlying causes. AMCS has enjoyed a strong rate of community involvement in the past 5 years of operation and will operate the programs.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre recently amended its constitution and organization structure to better serve the expanding programs in the new centre. The new organization structure will now have three executive staff reporting to the Board, a Director of finance, a Director of operations and Penny Irons the Director of Development. The Board structure now permits men and non Aboriginals to serve and several new appointments have already been made.

Lu’ma Native Housing Society Over the past 27 years, Lu’ma has successfully developed and operated a significant housing portfolio with a value in excess of thirty (30) million dollars. The annual operating budget including homelessness budget is in excess of ten (10) million dollars. www.lnhs.ca. Lu’ma is the Client and will be the building manager for the Under One Roof project.

Builders Without Borders has focused its attention so far on international work www.builderswithoutborders.com. It has chosen to undertake this project as its first in Canada with an interest of engaging government, community and business groups in dealing with homelessness in urban centres. Builders Without Borders believes this Under One Roof model can be a template for other non-profit organizations to create sustainable, self-sufficient enterprises.

Builders Without Borders, is being contracted by Lu’ma Native Housing to provide the construction management services, under a consulting contract, to undertake the renovation work on a no fee basis. The building renovation work will be undertaken in two phases, the first will be a campaign to raise contributions of building materials and the second phase will be a labour tender process between Lu’ma Native Housing and the sub trades.

Heatherbrae Construction has offered, at no cost, to support Builders Without Borders construction management services during the pre-construction, construction and post construction stages.

Progress to Date

  • Provincial Government purchased the building in November 2007 for $4.2 million. Title is being transferred to Lu’ma Native Housing Society.
  • Terra Housing has been appointed as the project resource consultants.
  • AMU Architects have submitted drawings for Development and Building Permit approvals to the City of Vancouver, and the necessary construction permits should be issued in September 2008.
  • Grants the renovation from BC Housing, BC Real Estate Foundation, the City of Vancouver and BC Ministry of Child Development, total $1.8 million and a further $400,000 is under consideration making a total contribution of $2.2 million.
  • Preliminary construction costs for the renovation are is estimated to be $3.7 million leaving a short fall of $1.5 million.
  • Builders Without Borders has offered to raise the $1.5 million in the form of building supplies and cash donations to complete the project.
  • Preliminary Business Plans, estimating operating costs and revenues, for the shelter facility, the day care, the commercial kitchen, the commercial tenant space and the existing weaving enterprise are attached.
  • Lightroom FX is donating their time to create all the graphics, stories and print material required for the Under One Roof project.
  • Pamela Groberman Media Consultants, is donating their time to coordinate media coverage of the project and to coordinate the on site project events.

Builders Without Borders Building Industry Campaign Goal

The fundraising campaign will be targeted to the building industry, to corporations and to foundations, to contribute $1.5 million of building materials and cash donations.

To date there are 5 partners, Lu’ma Native Housing Society, The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society, The Province of British Columbia, The City of Vancouver and Builders Without Borders.

BWB is inviting 12 of Vancouver’s major developers to become Under One Roof Founding Members.– They will be asked to make a cash donation towards one of the 12 shelter suites, and to invite their general contractors and suppliers of building materials to contribute to this Under One Roof project.

BWB will provide the participating developers an Expression of Interest Letter for their general contractors and building supply companies inviting them to participate in the Under One Roof project.

BWB would then send a Commitment Package to the participating building supply companies. This would contain a complete list of building materials and furnishings needed for complete the project and requesting they check the items and the quantities they wish to contribute.

This invitation to the building industry, will also be sent to corporations, foundations and individuals to contribute to one of the many facilities being constructed in this project.

The Commitment Package will contain the Under One Roof story, the building plans, the progress to date, the participants, a list of gifting options and the recognition they will receive as being contributors to the project.

We believe the Under One Roof project has clearly demonstrated that it has broad community support, and can be a template for other non-profit organizations to create sustainable, self-sufficient enterprises.

Under One Roof Project Timetable 2008

Campaign Material – Lightroom

March 26 – Under One Roof Creative Brief approved

March 31 to April 21 – Creative development

April 7 – Story / letter for developer contact

April 30 – Building Suppliers expression of interest letter

May 19 – Building Suppliers commitment package

April 7 to May 19 – Production

May 7 – Site hording for launch

BWB Luma CM Service Agreement

April 15 – 1st Draft

May 15 – Completed Agreement

June 15 – Appoint paid CM /superintendent position

Developer Participation

April 30 – Short list of developers

May 1 to May 23 – Commitment from developers & List of suppliers

Corporation Contributions

May 19 to July 30 – Contract individuals/companies

Campaign Launch

May 8 – Event on site

Building Material Contributions

May 15 – Building Suppliers 1st contact

May 19 to July 11 – Building Suppliers Commitments


August 1 to 29 – Tender Period

Sept 1 to 26 – Tender Bid Negotiations


Oct 1 – Construction Start Event & Contributor Recognition

Construction Duration will be approximately 6 months

Company Contribution Recognition

Companies and Foundations that donate to this Under One Roof project would recognized in the following ways:

  • Have their company name on the large construction hording for a 6 to 9 month period.
  • Have their company recognized in building industry publications and news papers over the next 12 months.
  • Have their company logo on all Under One Roof communications.
  • Receive a unique First Nations contribution award.
  • Have their company name placed on a commemorative sculpture in the lobby of the Under One Roof community building.
  • Have their company’s company contribution recognized on the Builders Without Borders and other building industry web sites.
  • Be invited to the start of construction and completion ceremonies.
  • Receive a charitable tax receipt for contributions.
  • Identify existing Aboriginal trades training programs and training grants
  • Identify women interested in enrolling
  • Coordinate the program

Aboriginal Women Trades Training Opportunities

There will be opportunities for Aboriginal women to learn some basic construction trade skills with on the job training opportunities at the project site, for example Safety Officers.

“We can make a difference …have made a difference … look around here, talk to these mothers and kids ….. now we are ready to make a huge difference …one that changes the community by moving mothers and children off the streets and into a home and a life that contributes back to the community….that gives each child a future without crime ,drugs, jail and all the hell that flows from a life wasted.”

– Penny Irons, Director Aboriginal Mother Centre